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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Coughs and Sneezes keeping us down? Oh no they're not!!

Hi all, Coo's had a cold the last few days but we're not letting it get in the way of a family Christmas!

We went to Coo's sister's yesterday and had a brilliant time and today we were out visiting my family too!

Woo Woo that's 2 days out on the trot and not home till after dark....we're turning into what my granny would call...a pair of dirty-rotten-stop-outs!

We've had a nice time and tomorrow it'll be jammies and Chocolates in front ot the Telly to recover.
I hope there's something on to keep us entertained!

I hope everyone's had a good time and it's only been eventful in the way you would want Christmas to be!! LOL

Upward and onward - new year next!

maz x

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