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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sore Shoulder...not again!

Hi all, my shoulder is still giving me some problems, from earlier posts you may remember how I dreaded the Hydrocortizone injections and guess what?

It's flared up again!!

I've been back at the doctor, who says there's not much other than surgery to be done now and he doesn't advise it as he's certain the problem's a repetitive injury caused from continually jerking from sleep to awake while coping with Coo's seizures all night long!


He's given me some stronger pain killers and sent me on my way for a few weeks.
The only thing is, I can only take them the two nights Looby stays over as I need to be awake for Coo the other five!

Speaking of Coo, he's still fighting that viral infection so he's sleeping around the clock and his seizures are all over the place again.

Thank God it was a Looby night (Looby's our daughter and P.A.) so at least I got to SLEEP yippeee!

I always feel more positive about things after some real sleep as it's usually just snatched time here and there.

Those two nights a week bought with our Direct Payment are precious!

I hope things are treating you kindly where you are!

maz x


Tilly said...

Hi Maz

Hope the shoulder's improving and a big thank you for the comments on Direct Payments posted on my blog. I haven't had time to read through in detail - but I shall and check out the links on your page. So good to know that other carers are out there!

maz said...

Cheers Tilly.

If there's anything I can help with regarding your D.P. don't hesitate to ask.

I guess in 'caring' we gotta help each other when we can!

maz x