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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Day 1: Gala...

Gala Day!

It's Gala time here so the whole community is out in force!

Today's been fun, I set up a chocolate fountain at our local Gala Day, the kids were not interested in trying fruit Kebabs all they wanted was the marshmallows thick & fast and we went through hundreds of 'em!
By the time the day was done, I felt like a proper oompa loompa or at least a member of Willy Wonka's staff and I think the little ones were wearing more chocolate than they ate!

We came home at four o'clock with the intention of going back out to the evening Gala dance but didn't make it as Coo was poorly, his Epilepsy has been causing some problems.
He'd been busy throughout the day and it had just been a bit too much.
Coo's seizures kicked in at five and by seven o'clock, I knew we'd be staying at home so no dancing shoes on tonight.

It was a fancy dress disco tonight, pity my Jackson 5 outfit won't be worn now, but there'll be other times.
I'm glad he was well enough to go today, it was fun and I soooo love chocolate.....although I don't think I could eat anymore today, well not right at the minute anyway, maybe tomorrow!


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