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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Sunshiney Day...

Well, the sun's shinning today for Fathers Day!

My usual Sunday routine is going to church with my parents, my mum has gone away on retreat to Lourdes, France so it was just Dad and I today.

It was nice to spend some time just talking and having a cuppa afterwards!

My Mum's home on Wednesday so it'll be all gossip and chat about France!

It was a nice surprise to have sunshiney weather today as over the last few days it's been dull, overcast, rainy and COLD!
What a month June is turning into this year!

I'm glad it's nice today things don't seem so bad, sunshine's still free and makes everyone want to smile more, well it sure works for me!

I hope the sun stays awhile, well a few more days anyway!

maz x

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