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Monday, 11 June 2007

Laughter is the best medicine...

This week is Carers Week and there's lots of activities on offer here!
Normally I don't have the chance to get involved but with Looby to P.A. for us, this year will be different!

Today, well, I've had a massage in the morning, learned how to make some tast sandwich fillings and had them for lunch!

In the afternoon?

It's a....A laughter workshop!

In the end it was a lotta fun, but at the beginning, when a lady turned up dressed as a clown with a box of dress-up wigs under her arm I wasn't too sure!
Within 15 minutes we were singing, dancing and clapping all with silly wigs on top to boot!
We must have looked a sight!

I needed a laugh, it's been a pretty tough week, the weather's been hot here and both Coo and me are real sleepy, not a good thing when you have sleep seizures!

Incidently Coo got back from the dreaded Stag night ok, he had a little alcohol and seemed fine!

So I was all in a tizzy for nothing!

maz x

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