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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Tai Chi for Carers...

Hi, I'm eternally greatful to our local Carers Centre, who ran a Tai Chi course last year as it's honestly the best de-stressing pastime I've ever found!

Today has been pretty stressful!
Coo's not too well today, there's been lots of seizures and I've started to feel the tiredness coming on.
I've popped on my panpipe music, summond up enough energy for a 10 minute burst of Tai Chi and now I'm feeling great!

I wouldn't have believed it would work this way but it does honestly balance you all out again...really!
I tend to use it when I'm tired and there's no way I can take timeout for a sleep or when I'm stressed and things are getting a bit too much.

Tai Chi chills me out a bit and makes things seem a whole lot brighter!

Try it out yourself, it sure keeps me sane at times!

maz x

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