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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Scotlands Carers Parliament, difficult decisions and Respite too...

Hi guys, it's been a busy week!

The sun has returned so it's also been a sunnier, more positive time too! Isn't if funny how a little sunshine can brighten the mood? I always find grey days make for even greyer moods so I like to catch the best of the sunshine anytime it pops up really!

The Carers Parliament is on Tuesday, it's the second time Carers from all over Scotland have come together to discuss the issues they face and lobby our government for a better deal.
I'm not making it to the Parliament this time as I'm...double booked!

I found out Jesus Christ Superstar was coming to the new Hydro in Glasgow.
It's only playing for one night and Coo and I have wanted to go for years so I booked it way back in January!

Once this years Carers Parliament date was confirmed, I knew it would be difficult to say the least! I thought hard about things, tried to find a way around it, to jam it all into the box and I nearly tried to do both too but...sense prevailed! lol
I decided, if I cancelled and went to the Parliament, Coo would be disappointed and for that matter, I would too! I eventually made my mind up and decided not to try for a Parliament place this year. It was more important for Coo and I to have our respite break and continue with our plans.

I had a wonderful time at the Carers Parliament last year! I spoke out, shared a little of Coo and I's journey so far and pushed for changes I felt were important for all Carers!
Good luck and a big 'go get 'em' to the Carers from all over Scotland who are making their way up to Edinburgh on Tuesday.
Have a great day and have a brilliant Carers Parliament!
Maz x

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