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Monday, 16 September 2013

Hoping for more settled times...

Hi guys, it's been a bit of a struggle again here this week.

I've had to dig out my hard hat and flak jacket again as Coo is poorly! His meds change of a few months ago, has caused some on-going problems and he's struggling so very hard this week.

Coo's core drug Epanutin was discontinued earlier this year and after a trying time, phonecalls back and forth to both Epilepsy Scotland and our Doctor and Coo's Neurologist, we discovered the drug was being made by another company and under a different name - grey area if you ask me! Anyhow, we chased it down and moved on but Coo's struggled more than usual over the last few months and he is convinced it's down to a change in the drug manufacturing process!
Now, I'm not so sure, we've had a lot on our plate recently with baby Jessie's Hip Dysplasia and surgeries and Coo's been so stressed too so all that could be impacting on, what is, a very precariously balanced seizure struggle at best but on the other hand, who really knows? He might be right! All I know is, it sure has been a struggle - that's for sure!

What to do?
Well, firstly we need more blood work done, just to see exactly where those drug levels are sitting on the safe range and then we will see.

Our GP thinks the additional seizure activity is probably due to stress and it may well be but one things for sure, with Coo struggling as he is currently, we need some questions answered. The Neuro is probably best placed to answer them so I've a feeling another hospital run is on the cards for Coo and I.

I'll hope for more settled times for us all and I'll keep you posted!
Maz x

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