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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

On the up and campaigning again...

Hi guys, Gosh it's a bit of a see-saw the last few days!
Just like these wee frogs - it's been a bit of an up-and-down kinda week! lol

Thankful Coo seems to be back on the up! woo hoo
His cold is going now and his temperature is coming down too so that's a bit of a bonus! He's still sleepy and the seizure levels are still up but they're manageable and that's the main thing!

We'll get the bloods done again next week and see where we stand but at least things are improving for now!

In other news, I'm back on the campaign trail again!

It's been so very worrying recently, especially with all this media surrounding the 'Bedroom Tax' beginning here on April first. We've had word from our Local Authority and yes we are affected and will need to find an additional 24% housing costs each month! It's such a worry, as with just about all families touched by disabilities, things are very tight financially - God only knows where we will find the additional money but find it we must!

We just don't have the option to move house as our home has been adapted and set up with all the alarms etc. and also a wet-floor shower room for Coo. We really don't have any spare rooms as we need the current space we have just to manage each week!
We're off to Glasgow to join all the other west coast Carer and disabled groups to march and protest this newest and most unfair law!

I sometimes wonder just how effective protest marches are but we have to at least try!
Wish us luck!
Maz x

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