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Friday, 28 December 2012

A wee return to childhood...

Hi guys, I've been a little ways down memory lane today!

Do any of you remember these wee characters?

They're the Moomins!
When I was little, I loved them and read them...a lot! lol
Now, just has what prompted this wee return to my childhood?
Well, someone bought me a revised edition for Christmas and it's brought back the same joy for me today as when I was little and...just how cool is that! lol

It seems the books Tove Jansson wrote over 90 years ago about her Moomin family, are still as popular now as ever they were and that's really no surprise! The stories and her wonderful artwork have allowed them to stand the test of time.

I'm a lucky girl and what a thoughtful gift too!
I guess it's nice to return to your childhood every once in a while. I think it's good for the spirit too!

I'm off to read some more!
Maz x

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