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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Enlightenment at last the RAS is over...

Hi guys, this time we have reached RAS enlightenment! and...
Thank goodness for that!
The Social Services resources allocation system or RAS for short, has calculated an estimated budget for Coo's care package. Now we just need the local authority to agree the funding and then? Well, we should be good to go! Woo hoo!

Coo is less stressed this week as the care plan review is nearing the final stages...all going well that is! It's been a long and difficult road at times but I think we are winning and I'm hopeful the budget will be approved and we can all start to move on.

It's a worry when things are under review as there's always the potential it will all go wrong and we won't get the funding to buy the care Coo and I need to cope with things. I have to say, in the past, we have been lucky, usually we don't have too many problems and the care plan is agreed pretty quickly. This time it's a little different as we've been moving onto a different system all together! It's also fair to say, it's not been without it's challenges either and at times we've both struggled.

I just hope all the additional stress and struggle has been worth it and this new system delivers a better quality of life for us both so fingers crossed and here's hoping!

We're coping ok and I hope your coping where you are too!
Maz x

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