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Friday, 22 June 2012

Moods, meds and reviews...

Hi Guys, I think, I may have spoken too soon.
Coo's still having problems with moods and anger so things have not been easy!

I contacted his Epilepsy Nurse for some advice and it seems he's not alone! The AED (anti-epilepsy drug), he added into the mix 18 months ago, can sometimes have these emotional & behavioural side effects. It's not common but it does happen so...Lucky us!
***but what to do now?

Well, the newer drug helps his seizures a little so he's not too keen on changing the drug regime but neither of us is keen on keeping the mood swings! I can see where Coo is coming from, the drug does take the edge of things a little and that's got to be a major deciding factor!

We've taken the time, thought about things and then we started to think, maybe just maybe, the current, protracted care-package review we've been struggling with over the last few months has played some part! I know it's been stressful, Coo's struggled at times and so have I so I guess it's certainly possible!
I decided to up the anti and contact Social Services.
This has gone on long enough!
If it's effecting Coo's health and we're both feeling stressed, the review either needs to be completed quickly or dare I say it - left for yet another day!

I'm pleased with their response, things have now taken a massive leap forward and seem to be nearing an end - thank God for that!
I hope, once this process is over and Coo's stress levels go down, the sunshine will come back and we'll be back on an even keel!

Here's hoping things are more settled and sunny for us all soon!
Maz x

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