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Sunday, 17 June 2012

On the up? I sure hope so...

Hi guys, things are back on the up again! Well, I hope they are!

Those nasty mood-swings are gone and things are getting back to normal, well, normal for us anyways and - thank God for that!
We've had a few days away for a wee change of scene - I thought it would be good for us so...we went to visit Looby and Steven.

I think spending some time with Looby and wee Jessica has done us both some good - she's a wee cracker! She's always smiling and I think it's infectious as when we're with her, she definately makes Coo and I smile too! lol

Things maybe on the up with our social services issues too. I really hope so! It's been a long and winding road with this care-package review, that's for sure!

It looks like we may, at last be, making some headway with this and I'm so relieved. Coo's been totally stressed throughout this process, he's not coped well and if I'm honest, I've not found it easy either so I'm kinda hoping it is coming to an end and sooner rather than later!

If things work out as planned, with this new system, we will both have a better quality of life and I guess that's why I've stuck with it and tried to keep Coo positive about things.

I really hope it works out and the additional hassle has been worth it! and if things don't go to plan?
Well...I think, we'll stay positive for now and just cross that bridge when we come to it!

I think things must be on the up right enough! The moods are gone, the care-package seems on the last leg and best of all? The sun has made a welcome return today! Yeah

Don't you find everything that little bit easier when the sun shines? I know I do so let's hope it stays with us for wee while!      

Happy Days!
I hope the sun's shinning for you too!
Maz x

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