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Saturday, 9 June 2012

AED meds and moods...

Hi Guys, things are a bit of a struggle here and it's not been a good day, I'm afraid!

We've had an increase in seizure activity and worst still the nasty mood-swings have reared their ugly head! I'm not sure what is wrong this time, it's usually either an infection or a drug level problem that's the cause so I'm just keeping an eye on things and trying to keep a hold of my patience!

It's so very difficult sometimes to keep a clear head, especially when Coo's running around shouting and so out of control. Thank God they don't come often but when the moods do come, I have to remind myself this is not him it's the disability and the meds but at times, it's not easy to manage that's for sure!

 Hopefully things will settle down soon!
 Either...his temper will run out of steam or he'll fall asleep but one way or another, calm will make a welcome return that's for sure!

Until it does?
Well, cue a wee cuppa and a calm down!
Maybe some chocolate too! lol

The latest blood results are due back on Monday, hopefully we'll get things sorted soon so...upwards and onwards!

Let's hope for some happier days!
Maz x

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