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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Meetings, Ponderings and poems...

Hi Guys, did it go today at the meeting with my Local Authority? Well...pretty good in my opinion!
I managed to raise some points and speak up for Carers so I'm happy!

Today helped remind me of the time I joined with other Carers from all over Scotland to march and rally at our Parliament. Is it really two years ago? I hadn't realised but it was over two years ago my wee Carer group made the trip to Edinburgh and spoke up for exactly what has changed? Have things improved at all for Carers?

Well, financially things are much the same - not good.
Carers allowance is still the lowest paid pension of all and really isn't fit for purpose anymore. Many of our politicians have said as much themselves and on numerous occasions too but it's still a real big issue that needs attention and the sooner the better!

On a positive note though, Carers have become more vocal and now do have some confidence to take on the big Care Agencies, the Local Authorities and the N.H.S. too for that matter. I think more and more often Carers are realising they have to step up and be prepared to lobby for changes and better services.

Two years ago a consultation which included both Carers and Service-Users would have been unheard of. Social Workers and their managers would have gone away wrote a document and probably said - take it or leave it!  This time around...this just has not happened!
The council, have actively engaged and asked Carers for their opinion on what does and doesn't work and that's a major mind-shift and has to be great news for Carers!

I think the poem I wrote two years ago for the march on parliament is still so very real and apt today, I guess we still have a lot more to do don't we...

Here's my poem...

*** ‘Just a little Peace’***

We don’t need any help, we’re managing fine,
Pile it on…pile it on…never look for a sign.
Carers work on with not much of a break,
They continue to care for a loved ones sake.

As the caring goes on and the load does increase,
God send us some respite, just a little peace.
Some time to go walking, kicking leaves in the park,
even just sleeping when everything’s dark.
The caring continues deep into the night,
we struggle and strive and continue to fight.
For help it is out there or so we are told,
but trying to find need to be bold.

Some time for a break, to do something new.
Maybe just sit still and take time for you.
Reading a book or watching a show,
Finish something, not having to go.
As the caring goes on and the load does increase,
God send us some respite, just a little peace.

It’s not easy to spot us, we look just like you.
Carers are working and constantly too.
When others go home at the end of the day,
We still keep on working, minus the pay.
Please listen now, it’s so easy to find,
Yourself as a Carer and stuck in this bind.
Nobody knows how, it just happens unplanned,
as quick as that jar with the small grains of sand.

Heed what we say as we carry on,
caring and struggling way past the dawn.
we know lots of Carers who live in this way,
it’s not what they asked for, this role that they play.

Some time to themselves it’s not much to expect.
It’s down to government and Scottish Exec.
Some help with this task that never seems to cease.
as caring goes on and the load does so increase,
please send them some respite and just a little peace…

It still kinda covers all that I want to say.
Stay strong,
Maz x


Toyin O. said...

What a great poem, I can relate:)

Maz said...

Thank you!
I guess, at times, a lot of Carers feel the same way.
Maz x