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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Carer Campaigning...

Hi Guys! I was feeling a bit pensive after my last post!

When I realised it was over two years since the 'Justice for Carer' march in Edinburgh I was shocked! It really was a great, feel-good experience that day, Carers did come together and speak up for themselves and it was great!

I think it's a shame though, there's been nothing like it since!
On reflection, I've come to think that, we Carers have not given up - not at all!
We're still active and if the others are anything like me, they're just as busy campaigning as ever but at local level instead, fighting the system for better services.

I guess that's no bad thing either, as everytime somebody pushes for service improvements it results in help for us all in the end!

So...we all must stand together and keep up the good fight as best we can!
Maz x

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