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Sunday, 27 November 2011

The new 'elf service...

Hi guys, Coo and I had a lovely day yesterday!

It was the local community centre's Christmas Fayre and it was brilliant fun!
Judging from the title of todays post...can you guess just what my job was? LOL

Here I am with one of Santa's littlest Bryce!
At 3 weeks old, isn't he a cutie!
Sixty children all went to visit Santa and  got some Christmas Chocolate!
They wrote their Santa letters and got to feed his reindeer too and all for FREE!

Our community is not the most wealthy and finance is usually a bit tight this time of year and as a Carer, I know first hand, just how challenging things can be at Christmas, especially if you have some little ones too!

Free events are brilliant and best of all?
Well, they raise community spirit and for a wee while, everyone feels included and equal and all the children get exactly the same regardless of wealth so job's a good 'un!

All-in-all, everyone shared in a real family Christmassy day and for once nobody needed lot's of pennies either so...smiles all around!

Happy days!
Maz x

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