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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Coo and me and D.P.

Hi guys! Coo's latest anti-biotic run is finally over!

Things seem to be improving now and although tired from the latest on-slaught, we're both a bit more settled now so...result - woo hoo!
Looby's come to stay as this week as I've got lot's of pot's on the boil...what's new! LOL

Thank God for our D.P. (Direct Payment!), without which I just would not be able to manage the things that are important to me. It's amazing just how much the precious timeout gives me. It's not just about the time away, it's the fact I don't have to worry about Coo while I am busy. I know he's just fine with Looby and that's something of value as I can really switch off for a bit. All in all, it kinda helps keeps me sane!

I've a big meeting tomorrow with our local council, remember I mentioned, they had asked me to help with their new personalisation strategy? Well, tomorrow is the next stage.

You know, there was a time where I would not easily have spoken out in public and been comfortable to challenge authority, be it Government, N.H.S. or Council but I think being a Carer has changed me!
I guess, always having to keep pushing for services does tend to make you more assertive. it's a bit of a sink or swim situation at times and in my experience if you're not prepared to do your homework and then just go get 'em, well, you just don't get the help you need.

Now in an ideal world, it shouldn't be like this but I find it frequently is and that's why it's so important to me to keep speaking out for a better deal for all Carers!
So, let's give a wee silent prayer for every one of us Carers who can stand up and say...hey! We need your help and even better...this is exactly how you can help us!

We need to stay strong and hopefully one day, Carers will all feel supported and be able to access the help they need!

Wish me luck tomorrow,
Maz x

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