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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hospital 'n' rainy days...

Hi guys!
I guess the rainy days are back again - it's been blowing a hoolie here and lashing with rain!

My wee plants are still safely tucked up in the greenhouse and it's well into June now.
What a month - we've had all the seasons! lol

Coo's been at hospital again to see the Neuro and things have kinda gone as we thought. They're not going to do anything more for the time being.

It seems the AED's (anti Epilepsy drugs), he's on just now are as effective as they're going to be and any more increases will not really help - already been tried!
I guess he's stuck on around 10 - 15 seizures a day and that may sound a lot but it's been worse...a lot worse! Three years ago, after a nasty run-in with pneumonia, it was upto thirty seizures every day for months on end so on balance... we're kinda ok with things - well, we can manage put it that way! lol

I think so long as we take time out when we need to and stay home when we can, things will be ok!
I'm glad we've got the wee greenie and my array of fruits and veggies on the go too as it keeps me busy and even Coo's began to take a bit of an interest - woo hoo!

Who knows, maybe even the sun will come back for a visit!
Let's hope so and if not...?
...let's keep those sunshiney thoughts for warmth! LOL

Meanwhile try this wee kitten smile for size...

Works for me! LOL
Maz x

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