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Monday, 25 April 2011

It's up! lol

Hi Guys, my wee greenhouse is up and raring to go and it's just as well as my propagator was beginning to burst at the seems! lol

I don't know who the company were talking about when they said allow 1 day for construction.
Coo and I took five days in total! Mind you we were taking our time and doing only a few hours each day but it was hard pretty going and the instructions sure were a puzzle!

None of the picture diagrams made any sense at all!
In the end youtube saved the day as some clever person had uploaded videos about how to build it and thank goodness for that!

All's well that ends well - my wee greeny is up and running and my wee plants are already happily getting used to their new home!
Now...decisions, decisions...
Happy days and (((hugs)))
Maz x


karen said...

cucumbers for bread and butter pickels. So glad you got it up. Happy Planting.

maz said...

Thanks Karen and cucumber sure is a good idea!
Maz x