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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pear Trees who knew!

Hi Guys, I went to buy a fruit tree and bought really nice wee pear tree but when I got it home it turns out it doesn't produce fruit!

Confused? I was! LOL

Apparently, some pear trees need a friend or they can't grow fruit! Now come on, is it just me or would you think pear trees can make pears...yeah thought so! LOL

Anyways, a quick info check with my favourite search engine and it's true some pear trees are sterile, they need a pal to work and here's the technical bit it's called cross pollination - who knew! I certainly didn't!

It's for my greenhouse and as I don't have room for a pal, said, cute wee pear tree had to be taken back and swapped for a...

...niffty wee peach tree that can go it alone instead! LOL

Coo's been poorly and asleep today so he's no idea I've exchanged the pear tree! I wonder if he'll notice the difference!
Decisions...decisions, should I come clean or just wait and act surprised when the fruit appears! lol

Let's hope everything in the garden's Peachy!
Maz x

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