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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny days...

Hi Guys, the sunny weather is back for a bit and...'s brought all the wee flowers with it too! woo hoo!
I've been so enjoying the warmer weather and pottering in the garden!

Coo's been poorly again, his blood test results are up 'n' down like a yoyo at the minute so he's been struggling to stay awake and stave off the seizures.
Main thing is we're hanging on in there and we're still doing ok!

I must admit though, just to feel a wee bit of the sun's warmth on my face is such a bonus, it's given me a bit of a boost!

I sure hope the sun sticks around for a wee while as I could use the wee bit cheer it usually brings along with it.

Happy thoughts,
Maz x

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