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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I guess the holiday's over...

Hi guys!

Well, the Christmas fun is now all over for another year.

Did we all survive ok?
Well...I think so, at least I hope so!

The holiday period is no sooner over and already the Carer issues begin to kick in! We've had yet more problems with the dreaded meds...again! Honestly, the new drug has brought nothing but problems since Coo began taking it in November.

Latest saga...
We picked up all Coo's meds on the 20th of December - being organised, we never leave things till the last kick but best laid plans and all that...things have not gone to plan. I noticed at the time, the Chemist had only dispensed 4 boxes of pills but that's not really that unusual, the meds need ordered and sometimes we have to wait on further supplies so no alarm bells rang - till today!

Today, I got Coo to call the Chemist and ask if the rest of his meds were ready to collect. Now, it should have been a simple process but...err no, the Chemist insists he dispensed all the meds correctly in December!

We've had to contact our doctor and confirm he prescribed 112 pills and not 42!
Bearing in mind we picked 'em up on December 20th and Coo needs 4 a day - the maths just don't add up. If in fact, the chemist did prescribe 42 pills, they'd have long ran out and we'd have been in dire straits by now!

After all that organising poor Coo is down to his last dose!

The rest of the pills will need to arrive tomorrow or we'll be up the proverbial creek without a paddle! What a mess!

It's the problems that really could be avoided, I find so very irritating and I seem to resent more and more, the unnecessary stress they cause.

If we Carers can keep going, in what can sometimes be a very stressful role, why can't the professionals get it right too?

Fingers crossed they turn up tomorrow!

Wish us luck,
maz x


karen said...

I pray the meds come today. Moms old pharmacy made a few mistakes on her meds a couple times. He gave her 10mg pills when she was only taking 5 mgs. The fact that they were twice as big was my first clue. I took them back and told him I think these are the wrong dose. He just took them back and gave me the right dose . He did not say I am sorry or thank you very much. I have always disliked him.

maz said...

Hi Karen!
Thakfully the meds turned up in the nick of time!
It's shocking, that this sort of thing happens and probably more regularly than we think!

I hope things do go a bit more smoothly this year as this new drug had been anything but plain sailing so far!
marie x