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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mixed bag kinda week...

Hi guys, it's been a bit of a mixed bag kinda week this time!

Coo's been very sleepy and we've been mostly at home this week so anything that can be, has pretty much been put on hold!
I've been keeping myself busy (and sane!)with my favourite passtime...crafts...Yeah!

Today I've been weaving!

I moved away from my frame loom as it was a bit sore on my shoulder so I've been trying out a peg loom instead.

I can honestly say it's quick, it's easy and more importantly it's FUN! lol I managed to get a hold of some real nice arran wool and decided to brighten up our sofa with some new cushions.

I'm taking my time and just enjoying working with the loom but I'm truely surprised by the way the fabric is turning out.

It looks pretty chic for homespun even if I do say so myself! LOL

I guess I find crafts a bit of a therapy, even a diversion when things are difficult.
Why don't you try crafts too?
It's fun and it sure works for me! LOL
Maz x

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