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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

See-saw or roller-coaster ride?...

Hi Guys, unfortunately Coo's blood results came back and I'm afraid we have jumped back on that AED (Anti epilepsy drug) see-saw yet again!

The safe dose, in the blood stream is between 10 - 20 points and Coo? Well his latest test was 28! We've been advised to drop one of his meds by 25mgs immediately, keep an eye out for any changes and re-test again in two weeks.

Let it never be said, the life of a Carer is easy. I don't know about see-saws it's more like a roller coaster ride at the moment!

Hopefully the reduced meds and plenty of rest will help Coo feel more like his old self again.

Meanwhile, just like Bob...
I'll dig out my hard hat and hang on tight for the ride!

I hope things are more settled where you are!

Maz x

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