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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Harvesting carrots, what a giggle...

Hi Guys, I guess my carrots are ready to dig up after all!

I turned my back for a second and one of my wee Jack Russells (my wee old one at that!) had harvested the carrots herself! LOL She was bang smack in the middle of the garden and chewing down hard on 'em too!

I had a bit of a tug-o-war to retreive said carrot, when son pointed out what exactly was I going to do with one half eaten, dog chewed carrot so...I gave her it back! LOL
I'll be watching she doesn't sleal any more of 'em though!

After seeing these...

I guess she's not the only dog with a carrot craving!

Pet's are funny aren't they!
I think they're therapeutic too as my wee jackies never fail to raise a smile even when the caring role is so very intense.
I guess it's never easy for Carers so we have to look to the 'little things' to find a bit of fun or even just something to raise a smile!

Sending sunny thoughts.
Think of something that makes you smile!

maz x

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