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Monday, 30 November 2009

Saint Andrew's Night...

Hi guys, we had a brilliant St Andrews night!

For those who haven't visited before, Coo and I help run a wee group for adults with disabilities in our local Community Centre on Monday nights.

Tonight there were 5 very handsome kilted pipers booked to play in the local church (across the road) for a big civic St Andrews night bash.
They needed a place to warm up and tune their bag pipes so I said they could use our building.

Well, they were handsome and it was too good an opportunity to miss so I pinched them for 10 minutes! LOL
I told them I had a group for disabled adults in the next room and could they please visit us for a few minutes before they went on their merry way and the little diamonds that they were, they agreed!

They played us a few tunes!
We did a wee jig!
and a good time was had by all...brilliant.

We all so enjoyed the inpromptue pipers! LOL

I am always heartened by peoples kindness and generosity especially when it's so unexpected!

What a brilliant night!
Smiley faces all around!

maz x

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