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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Coo's Bloods...

Hi Guys, as if things were not up 'n' down enough at the moment!

I've tried unsuccessfully, to get Coo's blood results already this week and it now turns out the tests need to be repeated Arrrgggghh!

Our doctor will phone tomorrow and let us know why he wants them re-done. I'm not sure if there's a problem or the lab's lost 'em but time will tell, I suppose!
Mean while, poor Coo's like a pin cushion as it is and will need poked and prodded again so we're less than impressed!

On the upside, his mood has improved a bit and he's less sleepy this week so his drug level must be in a better place by now!
He aint Mr. Grumpy so it's all good! LOL

Oh and's still raining here! lol

That's after 18 days practically constantly tipping it down too!
So...just like this little piggy who has the right idea...
It's umbrella and wellies here I come! LOL

maz x


Robert said...

Pin cushion? Poor old Coo.

I feel guilty! The weather here has been quite nice - some showers and a bit of a breeze now and again, but nice sunny spells & quite warm. Sorry!

maz said...

LOL Robert - I guess I now know where the sunshine is!
Send it back for a bit...pleeeease!
maz x