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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

It's raining in Carer land...

Hi guys!
Well, the rain has still not stopped here at all!
In fact here's our local train station: You can kinda see why they suspended services can't you! LOL

We are used to wet weather but the sky is so heavy and grey it's having a knock on effect on everyone's moods!

Coo's been very down, his seizure pattern has not improved even though we reduced his meds. He's having his blood's re-tested tomorrow so we'll speak to our Doctor then.
I have to say, there is a new pattern emerging, thank God we keep a detailed seizure diary as these things can be spotted fairly quickly.

It used to only be when Coo's AED (anti-epilepsy drug) levels were too high, that his mood swings kicked in but now I think this is happening when they're too low as well!
The last time we were in to see the Doctor, he said a lot of people were having low mood issues mostly due to all the dull days and change of seasons but I'm pretty sure Coo's are related to his drug levels too.

I'm definately going to explore this further either with our doctor or his Neuro.

Apart from the usual hassles increased seizures bring and the current flippy mood changes - everything else is well...hunkydory! LOL

Rainy weather?

All you need is...

A great BIG brolly and an even bigger smile!

Just as well I kinda like the rain 'aint it!

maz x

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