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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

On the up...

Hi guys!

I think Coo's back on the up!
The last two weeks have been a bit of a challenge - maybe the best way to put it! lol

The new drug did not work.
It's now slowly leaving his system and thankfully I'm getting my Coo back again.
Epilepsy drugs are always a bit of a trial and error process, sometimes you gain and unfortunately sometimes you just don't.
The trouble is, if you don't try 'em you'll never know if they'd have been 'the one'.

Yes! Coo's definately on the way up again!

Last week, he couldn't concentrate long enough to string a sentence together and could have banged his favourite guitar on the floor and danced on it and this week...

sweet music or not so sweet depending your taste! - is back! LOL

I'm so releived as when any meds are either going in or out of his system, it can be such a worry, all the side effects and adjustments and then if they don't work all the frustration and hassles of then dumping the drug too.

I'm happy things are settling and even the weather is a bit brighter today so that's a bonus too!
If it lasts, maybe we'll get out to the park tomorrow and go squirrel spotting and of course...cream cake eating too! LOL

So all together...

Sunshine, lollypops and rainbows - you know you wanna sing! LOL

maz x

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