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Monday, 16 March 2009

It's never easy is it...

Hi guys!
Being a Carer is never easy, sometimes it seems there's more ups-n-downs than a roller coaster ride!

You may well ask how the new drug coo started last week (zonegran) is doing...
Well, it has made things a whole lot worse for him.

His seizures are real bad and he's suffering awful side effects too he can't eat or sleep and in his own words has 'the concentration span of a goldfish'.

We've been advised to dump the drug so the trial is officially over!

Hopefully things will improve a little and at least poor coo will be able to eat something soon.

We had to try it or we'd have been left wondering if that drug could have been the one to help - sadly not this time I'm afraid.
So we're dusting ourselves off and re-grouping so hopefully we can hang up those hard hats and flap jackets again!

On a lighter note, last week our wee disabled adult club had their bi-monthly karaoke night.

In the rush to get out, I'd forgotten my glasses and was a bit annoyed at first till I discovered special needs karaoke is in a league of it's own!
You just make up your own words and go with the flow so I didn't need them after all!

Incidently we only have karaoke every 2 months as we need to psyc ouselves up for the racket of the 'TALENTED' singing it produces.

Ok they 'aint Lily Allen or Tina Turner even if they do think they're 'simply the best' ! LOL

It's all good fun and that's the important thing isn't it! LOL

Keep smiling and a song in your heart! LOL

maz x

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