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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Carers? we will Survive yeh yeh...

Hi guys!

Looby couldn't make it last night, she had to work her other job (in a local care home) at short notice so no sleep for me last night...1-2-3 awwwww!
In the words of Gloria Gaynor I will survive!lol

As one door closes another one opens right enough!

Enter Scooby (our son) he's recently taken up golf so he's taken Coo out to the driving range for a bit and me....well I curled up had a sleep and read a bit of my book so job's a good 'un!

I'm so glad we've family who will lend a hand and in a practical way!

No doubt Coo will come back shattered and most probably sleep the rest of the day but hey it'll have been worth it, fresh air, the sun on his face and a bit of exercise can only help!

Our two kids have grown now and however much you try to shield them from the disabilities and issues when they're little, it's impossible to totally cushion them.
Considering even with the usual teen hassles they've both grown into caring people, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all!

Looking back now, what is it they say - hind sight is always 20/20 vision, I think all that angst and guilt I felt while tied up caring for Coo, was probably a waste of time and I bet lot's of other Carers have unnecessarily taken that guilt trip.

They turned out just fine so in the midst of us muddleing along we must have got something right - thank God for that! LOL

This pic gave me a giggle!

Isn't it so much more brighter and positive when the sun pays a visit!

Happy thoughts,
maz x


Robert said...

My grown up kids are a constant source of pride to me too. They're always there to help. Don'y know what I'd do without them!

maz said...

Hi Robert, you're back,
I'll pop along and see how your trip went!
maz x