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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tenders, troubles & fun times too...

Hi guys, it's been a bit of a bumpy ride this week!

Poorly times...
Coo is still struggling
His cough went but his seizure increase has stayed put this time and he's back up to 15 seizures a night, totally shattered, moody and so sleepy during the daytime - never a good combo where sleep seizures are concerned!
Anyhow, we were starting to worry just what else was going on, when he developed of all things a toothache! Coo's dentist is lovely, he knows Coo's situation and how quickly things escalate for him so a quick phone call and a visit later, it turns out it's a dental problem this time! Poor Coo's now had the starts of a root-treatment, Ed (his Dentist) says, it looks like the tooth nerve's been dead for some time and caused some infection so...mystery solved this latest seizure increase is most probably down to a.... root cause - pardon the pun!
There's no point getting the bloods done - infection always affects the level of meds in his blood so we'll need to wait a few days, let things settle and start all over again!

Busy times...
It never rains but it pours - I agreed to be part of my local authority's Tender process. It's the tender for services for Carers & Young Carers in our area and it's important.
I truly feel we can only make things better by working together so Strategies, planning, commissioning or  tenders, Carers need to be involved at all levels and I just had to take up this opportunity!
I'm glad I agreed to be involved as it has been a really interesting process but my-oh-my, what a week! With Coo poorly, the increase in seizures and struggles surrounding it all and #SIB meetings too, this could not have been a more difficult time! On the plus side our (Self Directed Support) care package, allowed extra respite hours to let me complete this vital piece of work and it did create a bit of a diversion all worked out fine in the end!

Fun times...
I'm dusting of my little black dress and digging out the heely shoes tomorrow as I've been invited out to the Provost Civic Pride Awards. I'm taking another Carer with me  and with my Carer friend Fiona along too, we'll have fun out in our posh frocks and networking to the max!

I'll let you know how it all goes!
Maz x

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