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Friday, 13 March 2015

Struggles strivers and #SIB...

Hi guys, it's been an interesting week!

This week I've successfully avoided watching yet more T.V. programs surrounding 'Benefits' I've just about had enough of these so called reality shows!
I've decided to inject a positive slant instead so I'm banishing the negative labels of 'Skivers and Strivers'  and instead, I'm focusing on 'Strugglers and Strivers' - far nearer the mark especially where Carers are concerned.

Firstly this weeks struggles...
Where to start?
Ok, Coo's had an increased in seizures yet again and we were struggling. Then the usual, will we-won't we, increase the meds or sit tight for a bit and see how things go, began. In the end we decided to wait and see. Forty-eight hours later....he has a sniffle and a cough so crisis averted, at least we know the cause of the increase so it's...batten down the hatches, grab the hard hat and struggle on through!
The work is piling up. Between #SIB and a full on Tender process to negotiate, it would just need to be this week wouldn't it? Hey-ho it's always the way!
Onto the 'Strivers' part...
#SIB (Shadow Integration Board - Health & Social Care)
Here in North Ayrshire our board is really moving now. The agencies Local Authority, NHS, Third and Independent Sectors are all now on the same page and more importantly Carers and Services users are on that page too and not just as a foot-note either! We're right up there as equal partners! Gone are the days where services were 'developed and provided for Carers' - now we input and help write strategies and develop those vital services too and that can only be a good thing!

With heavy care responsibilities this week and the additional work-load too, I'm beginning too wind down and feel the need for sleep now! Thankfully it's a sleep night! Woo hoo! - our SDS (Self Directed Support) Care package, ensures I have regular sleep nights each week and I'm eternally grateful for that support - Lord knows how I lasted before - it sure wasn't easy!
It's not just the sleep really, that is so important but it's also the way it all enables me to keep going in other ways too. Without such support, I would not be able to fully contribute and I'd most probably still be isolated at home.
I know this level of support is not the same everywhere and there's still much to do in supporting Carers but thankfully, I feel we're on the right track at last!

Keep well, stay strong and....speak out where you can!
Maz x

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