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Monday, 26 January 2015

January Burns Day, Birthdays and Carer Business...

Hi guys, what happened to January? I turned around and it's just about gone!

Ok, what's been happening?
Well, Firstly...Happy Burns Day!
January 25th is a special day for us, not only is it Burns Day, it's Jessica's day too so...
Happy 3rd Birthday Jessie!
Not only did we have birthday cake and the usual treats but in honour of Rabbie sharing Jessie's special day (or the other way around!), we had haggis, tatties and neeps too -what a great wee family day!

Things are still a bit of a struggle here, Coo's just being Coo - loads of colds and sniffles about and loads of seizures too but on the whole he's fine and me? I had that wee health scare at Christmas, thankfully not a stroke after all (MRI was clear!) but I'm no further forward regarding what really happened and with around 18 weeks waiting time to see a Neurologist, I have a feeling this will run and run. Good thing is, the symptoms are no worse and we're coping so it's all fine!

Now to business...
It's good Carers are now involved through most practices and processes with our Local Authority. In fact it's a welcome change as it's not so long ago Carers were more or less told what services were available and had to try to make them work but...not anymore! From Carers Strategies, Advisory groups and support planning, we're involved and in the case of the SIB...we have a seat on the board! Changed days and that can only be a good thing!
Stay strong friends and keep fighting, we'll get there!
Maz x

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