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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hopes and Hello's to 2015...

Hi guys and....

I wonder what 2015 will hold for Carers, just what would your wish list be?
I have two things on my list this year -
*I'd like legislation to help Carers get the support they need!
Carers don't really ask for much, they'd just like to once in a while, be able to access things most people take for granted ever day - time to sleep, a wee while to themselves away from caring or maybe even some Respite, dare I say a proper break! and why shouldn't they have a little piece of life to themselves?
Carers and SDS...
It's apparent the dreaded post-code lottery still exists as some areas have embraced SDS (Self Directed Support) more than others and their Carers have benefited from the changes. Other area are still dragging their heels or are making only a half-hearted attempt at SDS and that's a shame as I've found being more in control of care, respite and generally having more of a say in planning and deciding just what care and support will work best for us, to been so very empowering!
The other thing on my wish list?
Please stop the current almighty 'media-fest' on the poor and vulnerable in our society!
It's all so unfair!
Nobody chooses to be ill, nobody decides one day to be disabled and nobody sure as heck says 'When I grow up, I'd like to be an unpaid Carer'. Well do they? No!!
Being a Carer and coping every day with issues most people would find challenging at best, is hard enough, without our media whipping up a hornets nest around benefits and those who claim them! All that 'strivers and scroungers' media rhetoric has really hurt us this year and it's all so unnecessary!
Carers are benefits claimants but we are not unemployed, we're far from it! Carers Allowance is the lowest benefit and a Carer must be caring 35+ hours every week to claim it!
Please think before you attach a label to another person, things are seldom as they seem!
We must stand together - I'm hoping for a more tolerant society and I think we'll only achieve it by truly sharing the facts and dispelling those nasty, hurtful media myths!
Stay strong my friends,
Maz x

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