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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sometimes, Carers health comes last...

Hi guys, things are still a bit up and down here I'm afraid.

I cancelled my hospital appointment, it was just going to be too much hassle in the end.

Coo had a bad night, we were both totally shattered this morning and to be fair, an early appointment, at the general hospital, which is a good bit away near Kilmarnock, was always going to be problematic for us at best!

The recent developments with baby Jessie, meant Lisa was busy at appointments this morning too and I would've needed to take Coo with me so...I opted for the less stressful measure and cancelled my own appointment.
I know...I know!
Carers should look after themselves too it's important! and usually I really try to but with the week we've had, the family issues and increase in seizures already and last nights activity on top, I just couldn't face hanging around Crosshouse Hospital for hours on end and with Coo in tow too!

I will make a new appointment and promise to try harder next time!

Maz x

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