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Saturday, 25 May 2013

A respite break together, how lovely...

Hi guys, we've been away for a few days respite.

Our SDS (Self Directed Support) care package, has made such a difference! Before we had SDS, we could really only access care for Coo while I went away for a respite break alone. This meant, Coo had care while I was away but he always stayed home and I always felt a bit guilty about that - Not now!
Things are so much more flexible, allowing us to be more creative about how we plan and use respite and let us really get the best solution for us both and that is truly great!

Where did we go then?
Well, we didn't go abroad this time. Things have been too unstable over the last few months and neither of us felt very confident so...we opted for some short breaks instead and not too far away!
We went to Blackpool and it was fun - we had a ball! lol
It's not really changed that much since the Victorian times pictured above! lol
We decided to go with a tour company who picked us up locally and dropped us right at our hotel, it seemed a good option and it all worked out really well!
A wee Maz tip:
I saw some tourist tickets advertised online so before we left, I bought two 'Big 7' tickets from the Blackpool Tower people. We managed to visit the main tourist places while we were there and we saved money too - result! lol

I'm glad we can use our SDS so flexibly as this way, we both benefit from some quality time away together, I can still take a respite break to recharge my batteries too and I don't need to feel guilty about it anymore.
I've come back refreshed, chilled out and really just ready to cope with the next onslaught!
Respite is so very important for Carers, it's the glue that means, we can all keep it together and continue caring. All Carers need respite, it's not an optional extra it's a requirement!
I hope you're managing to have a wee break soon too!
Keep strong,
Maz x


Welsh Poppy said...

I wish we could get that funding it would be ideal for a break for us both.
Sounds like a great place to recharge your batteries;-)

Maz said...

Hi Poppy, switching to SDS was the best thing. I just hope every Carer could get the support they need.
Maz x