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Saturday, 9 February 2013


Hi guys, Coo's been so sleepy the last few days!

It's been a bit isolating this week as Coo's been either asleep or seizing for the last three days. It's fair to say, we've been kinda stuck in at home and I guess, you tend to forget just how isolating this can be but...not today!

Looby came to keep Coo company and Mum and I went shopping! Timeout - woo hoo!
Our SDS (self directed support) care package, makes it easier all around to cope with things, especially when we're going through a difficult period. That's when it really provides the most valuable support of all.
So what did I do today?
We had some fun looking around the shops for bargains but really I was just glad to be out and about and best of all, mum and I went for lunch too!

I often wonder how I coped before we set up our care package and got some support - it sure wasn't easy that's for sure. I know how it feels to be stuck in at home a lot and I also know the value proper support can really make for Carers.

I'm greatful we have support now and only wish all Carers could have the help they need too.
Maybe one day it will be so!
Maz x

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