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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Carers, influence and Local Authority...

Hi guys, I've been our visiting with my Local Authority yet again.

Remember I posted about the councils plans for a new community Portal. How they wanted Carers and service users to tell them just what information they really need to be in there?
Well, basically it's a one-stop-information-shop and people will find information on how they can use their DP (Direct Payments) and SDS (self directed support), budgets too - things are really coming together now! 

Carers, service users and the local community, will be able to access this resource and just find out what's going on in the community.
I think the most exciting thing for Carers, is the ability to access information on services, respite and even what activities are available in our area - just what really is out there!

I'm quite excited about this project!
I've always felt, if people knew just what is available on their doorstep maybe, just maybe, they'd be able to live a fuller life, with more opportunities and chances and not be like this wee hamster stuck inside looking out instead of having a wee go at things for themselves!

I really do feel this new resource has the potential to improve things, particularly for Carers. If they can identify some respite areas, maybe something the person they care for would like to try or attend for a few hours, it could effectively give them a little respite and some much needed time for themselves.
I actually think this could really be so be very good!
Maz x


Welsh Poppy said...

Just catching up on your blog hope all is okay with you both:-)

Maz said...

Hi Poppy, It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride but we're ok! Thanks for popping in,
Maz x