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Monday, 11 February 2013

Carers and Saint Valentine's day Crafts...

Hi guys, I thought I'd share one of the highlights of my annual valentine routine!
I've mentioned our Care Club before.
It's for adults with both physical and learning disabilities and we've been running if for over 7 years. I decided to open it as we didn't have a club of it's kind locally and I thought it would be good for Coo, well for us both really, to spend some time working with and helping other's and I honestly feel, it does you good to spend some time, lending a hand, with other people who are struggling with disabilities too!

It kinda helps put your own situation into perspective and into the bargain it provides some much needed respite for a couple of hours on a Monday night for their Carers too a good 'un! lol

Anyways, me being me, we have a big craft box full of bits-and-bobs and we always make things!
From Salt-dough to fabric painting and just about anything that's easy, cheap and cheerful, we'll have a wee go! lol This being the Monday before Valentines day, it was card making of course!
Nothing too fancy, just a heart cut out from some coloured card and some pretty floral fabric sticky taped into it's place!

Easy-peasy and I must say very effective! lol
The group all left with a smile and cards and a heart balloon, aquired from a promotional day on healthy hearts held earlier in the year but pinched or...recycled! to Care club with lovely St. Valentine crafts in mind!

In what has been a bit of a tough week, it's done my heart good tonight!

Happy Saint Valentine's day when it come on Thusday!
Remember it's not the end of the world if you don't get a card - just make some! Trust me, it's fun, you'll enjoy yourself too!
Maz x

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