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Friday, 15 February 2013

Review time already...#9

Hi guys, Social Services have been in touch and it seems it's review time again!
Where has the time gone?
We've been using the SDS - Self Directed Support- care package since last July and just how have things been? Well, that's an easy's been really great!

Coo and I have had more opportunities than ever before and for the first time in a long while, we've had really good support. It's brought some sunshine and we've honestly had some fun!

SDS has been a positive experience for us!
I've had more respite than ever before, the support and flexibility has meant both Coo and I have been able to make things really work for us. It's a long time since we felt so in control and that's been so very empowering!
Things people take for granted like days out, in the past, were always difficult for us. Coo would struggle with travel and once he started to tire, it was so very difficult to keep him awake and seizure free until we could return home. We both usually ended the day feeling very stressed and it kinda took the pleasure away - it was usually easier just to stay at home!

Having the option to go for a day out and then have a sleep-over too has made such a difference! It's meant we can both enjoy the day now, without worrying about how we're going to manage the return journey - what a difference!

The additional respite has made such an impact for me as I've managed to go places on my own and be involved with things that are important to me - like the Carers Parliament for one!
I used some of the additonal P.A. hours for Looby to come stay over with Coo, this allowed me to travel up to Edinburgh the night before and be well rested and able to fully contribute while I was there and Coo and I both managed some new experiences, we had some time away too ! We loved the Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo and had a wonderful time visiting the museums in Glasgow too!

I know most people do these kind of activities every day and without much planning or thought but it's not so for most Carers and having proper support can make all the difference in the world!
***and the SDS review?
Well, I know how we feel things have gone during the last seven months with SDS we just have to wait and see if our Local Authority agree. I hope they feel it's the best way forward too and continue our funding!
Fingers (and toes) crossed things go ok!
Maz x

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