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Monday, 30 July 2007

Care for the Carer!

Why do we Carers insist the people we look after see the doctor as soon as humanly possible but when it comes to our own health? well we can wait...can't we?
Does this sound familiar?
Last December I eventually went to see our doctor after months of on and off pain from a troublesome shoulder.
Our G.P. asked how long it had been bothering me and I said, I saw him, a few months previous so he checked the file and I did see him...a full year pevious!
I knew it had been bothering me a while but didn't realise just how long!!
Turns out I needed a Hydrocortisone injection to sort it out and it did till now, well around a month ago!
I guess old habits die hard, it's taken me a month to sort out an appointment to get it checked...again.

I'm not sure if it needs another Jab but it might...I'll know by Wednesday that's for sure!

maz x


Mr Mans Wife said...

It's true. I'm just as bad. I had chest pains for about a year before I got that seen to, and it was the same when I was having tummy cramps. I suppose we just hope it will "go away".

Anonymous said...
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Edward said...

I'm the same too, the only reason why I go to the doctors is when I need a repeat perscription for anti-depressants and then sometimes I go without because I can't organise it. Am going to talk next time about my back as its starting to give me some jip (it doesn't help im 6"4 with bad posture!) with lifting all the time.
Yet I was always trying to get my wief to see doctors about various things when they come up. But as shes got M.E. (probably?) they blame everything on that or her being immobile most of the time so she has now made me promise her that I only say that when shes having a heart attack or get shot because her theory about NHS they only treat you when you're just about to bite the dust. Cynical I know but sometimes I think she has a point, if you got a cold/broken leg etc then easy but then too much effort unless your dying.

maz said...

I guess, from other posts, most of us Carers seem to be pretty guilty of this one then and it's not just me!
We really should try harder to care for ourselves, but I guess that's one of those things easier said than done, isn't it?

maz x

Elanor said...

Oh that is so true! I am always putting off my own dr, dentist, even haridresser appointments because I'm too busy organisng mums. I have had some recent health scares and my dr was not impressed at me ignoring symptoms for so long.