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Friday, 21 December 2012

Respite! A few days away...

Hi guys, we've been away for a few days.

We travelled up to Edinburgh for a wee break, a wee change of scene for Coo and I! It had been touch-and-go all week if we'd make it as Coo's blood results are still erratic but we decided to take a chance and set off anyway and...I'm glad we did!

We have had such fun this trip! We went to the Zoo  and visited with...The Panda's!

A wee word on Edinburgh's lovely Giant Panda's...

On Sunday 4 December 2011 two Giant Pandas on a 10 year loan from China, arrived at Edinburgh Zoo and quickly settled into their new home.

The female, Tian Tian was born on 24 August 2003 and her name translates to 'Sweetie' in Chinese. She has previously given birth to twins however she has not bred with the male panda Yang Guang . She is described as having a mischievous nature and being quite fussy when it comes to bamboo.

The male, Yang Guang was born 10 days earlier on 14 August 2003 and his name means 'sunshine'. He is described as a good-natured gentle giant by his keepers.
It doesn't cost any extra to see the Panda's as  it's included with the normal ticket price but you need to book a panda viewing time as it can get really busy at times!

Edinburgh Zoo really is a great day out and the Panda's...Well, they were just brilliant!

As usual while we're away from home, we stayed over at the Travelodge . At the Central one, Coo feels comfortable here and we like the fact it's a wee turn off the Royal Mile and right in the heart of all the places visitors want to see! We had a comfy, cosy stay and after a full day wandering around the Zoo and a quick bite to eat, we were glad of the cosy room and comfy bed!

We visited the winter festival markets and wandered around the old town too and as we'd booked an exra night we even managed to squeeze in a visit to the Camera Oscura!  - What a great place!

The Camera views are brilliant but there's so much more! From holograms and puzzles to hands on curiosities and fun things to see and do - We loved it! lol

I'm glad our SDS (Self Directed Support care package), allows us to really get some quality time away. It was always so very difficult before. We just couldn't afford the hassles and problems that come with Coo and travelling any distance. He would be sleepy and irritable before the day was through and it became a logistical nightmare and financially unaffordable to take two nights away just so we could visit somewhere for a few hours and then risk seizures on the way home as we just didn't have the finances to stay over. In the end, we just didn't go and looking back, our quality of life really was non-existent.
How things have changed!  - The SDS has made things we dreamed of possible!
We know we're lucky to have such support and are truly greatful for all the positive changes we now have and only hope all Carers soon have the same chances and support in place!

It really was a fun few days away and has given us both a great boost. Coo's been really sleepy since we got back but we both had a whale of a time and it was worth it! lol
We really had fun and I hope you're having some fun where you are too!
Maz x

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