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Thursday, 27 December 2012

A look back over 2012...

Hi Guys, new year is almost upon us!
Where has the year went? I think it's time for a wee look back...

I used to get a bit stressed at the thought of a new year coming, worry about the things I said I'd do and just didn't get around to. You know the kind of thing...lose a few pounds in weight, hold onto a few of the other kind of pounds and save for a rainy day...that kinda thing! lol
I still think, the most important thing being a Carer has taught me, is to slow down a bit and just take a breath! The world still turns just the same while you catch your breath a bit. Mainly it's taught me just to count my blessings a little and be thankful for making it through the last year safely in the first place! LOL

I guess, most people take that kind a thing for granted...good health, I mean!
While you are well and busy hustling and bustling about your life at such a great pace, you never need to give a second thought to such things. You can plan well into the future for work, holidays or pretty much anything you fancy and it's only when something happens to you or your loved ones that you really need to stop and think at all!

I think that's probably what I miss most. All the planning and looking forward to things, the certainty and order of it all. It sure was a lot easier when finance was the only issue to getting things done and we could both climb a mountain if we wanted to!
On the other hand, this slower pace of life has it's upside too! We have both learned how to adapt and find a way - there always is one - it's just finding it that's the tricky part! lol

Looking back, we've been on a bit of a journey this last year.
2012 hasn't been a bad year, it's been a good one...really!
We've had some problems with meds and side effects and the seizure level's still really high at around 250 a month but we're managing! There's been lots of stress but other things have buoyed us up too!

** Coo's no worse and not nearly as bad as the dreadful 30 siezures a day all through 2007 - 8 and most of 2009! There are still crisis points and things are not brilliant by any means but they're better than they were and that's a bonus!

** With help, our quality of life has improved!

Over the last year, we've switched to a SDS (Self Directed Support) care package and it's made such a difference! I've blogged about some of the doors this has opened for Coo and I.
Strangely, it's not always the big expensive things that make the difference either, it's having the flexibility to make things work for you that's the key!

I've had some respite, we've managed to have a wee holiday and some time out with some days away too but by far the most fun we've had is with the two cycles we bought!
Who knew we'd enjoy cycling so much! lol
When Coo's well enough (and weather has allowed us!), we've managed to get out for a wee while in the fresh air. Coo's had lots of problems with infection and high/low white cells for the last few months and usually that would mean, avoid crowds and stay home but...not this time,  we managed a wee while out on our bikes in the fresh air and felt the benefit for it too!

I'm still having fun with crafts and in the garden too although my tomato growing was severely hampered this summer as we had very little sunshine! boo! hiss!

**The main three highlights of 2012?
Well, the first has to be the parliament visit!
I really felt so upbeat at the time, that things will change for Carers and in my heart, I still do!
There's a ways to go, that is true but slowly, things are beginning to change and for the better!

**Another highlight is our wee holiday!
After so many years I managed to go with Coo on a proper holiday! What a wonderful experience this was for us both and without the next 2012 highlight (our SDS package), this would have remained an out of reach dream for both of us!

**The other main highlight moving to SDS?
It has to be the change! Well the push even ('cause we were scared to risk the support we had!), to move over to SDS! Gosh that was a good move! why was I worried?
I guess it was fear of the unknown and risking the help we already had - what if they said no also the re-assessments and the stress - it was the devil to set-up but has since proved it's weight in gold! it's almost goodbye 2012! I have to say, I'm feeling more supported and in a happier place than I've been in a long time and I'll remember 2012 as being one of the good years!
That said, I'm happy and optomistic about the new year ahead!

I hope you're feeling happy too and...
'a' the best when it comes - Slainte Mhath!

Maz x

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