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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

More bloods...

Hi guys, we're living quietly this week.

Coo's blood test results came back yesterday, courtesy of a phonecall from our doctor! This time the white cells are very low and that's a worry on two counts...
 Firstly - There's probably still some infection kicking around Coo's system.
Secondly - Coo's immune system isn't working properly while the white cells are low so he's prone to more infection - lovely!

Yet more medication...again. We'll keep a close eye on things and repeat the bloods next week, anything to avoid a return of the nasty pneumonia bug!
Thankfully his seizure level hasn't majorly increased this time so we're managing things ok. It's just a case of being a bit more careful, wrapping up in hats, scarves and gloves when we do venture out and avoiding busy places where lots of people are likely to be sniffing and sneezing!

I know it's definately wellie and brolly weather here - it's been very rainy so far this week but hopefully we'll be able to wrap up warm and get out for a wee walk in the park at some point.

I guess for now, it'll be...yet chocolate drinking and keeping cozy - I'm sure we can manage that! lol
I hope things settle for us soon and I hope too, you're managing to avoid the sniffles where you are!
Maz x


slivo plum said...

I'm a carer looking after my 93 year old mum, i get her to wear a scarf when she goes to bed, she has not had a serious cold in 9 years.
when i get the sniffles i also wear a scarf to bed, next day I'm better, also if you wear a scarf to bed you get a better nights sleep ( I've got Tinnitus in one ear it can be really bad, but i still have a good 7 hours sleep if i wear the scarf )

Maz said...

Thanks for the tip!
Maz x