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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rainy days...

Hi guys, it's been rainy days all the way here recently!

Our weather has taken a tumble for the worst and it's been grey days and heavy rain here.
Coo's chest infection is still kicking about his system and he's got added seizures too so we've been mostly stuck in at home!

Thankfully though, here in Scotland, we've avoided the horrendous weather front our american cousins have recently had to deal with so we should not complain! I just think it's more difficult to cope in general during the winter time, don't you? I guess it's those grey days making for even greyer moods too!

So...I've decided!

We have to leave the house today to get Coo's bloods done later anyway so...I'm going to get us both all wrapped up cozy and persuade him to wander around in the fresh air for a bit, maybe stop for a wee cuppa somewhere nice!

A wee while out! ~ I'm sure, it'll do us both the world of good!

We're doing ok and I hope you're fairing ok where you are too!
Maz x


Welsh Poppy said...

Enjoy your cup of tea out and get some fresh air it will do you both good.

Maz said...

Thanks Poppy!

You were right! The fresh air and the wee while out did blow away the cobwebs and gave us both a wee boost!

Maz x