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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Back in Anti-bio-land...

Hi guys, we're back in anti-bio-land yet again.

Coo has a chest infection and a temperature so we're battening down the hatches, keeping cosy and hoping things settle down soon! I'm not really surprised as November is usually a difficult month for us. After the pneumonia of previous years, Coo's prone to chest infections now and living on the coast, November is usually pretty much, windy, wet and chilly!

Yet again, I'm digging out my hard hat and flak jacket!
The anti-biotics should kick in soon so hopefully we'll be doing a whole lot better in a few more days.

Meantime, I'm keeping cosy and warm with some soothing hot chocolate
but which one to pick...
Right now I have three on the go! lol
Tangy chocolate orange,
Zingly mint and my current favourite...
Turkish Delight - Mmmmmm!

I do hope you're keeping cozy and comfy where you are too!
If you need a wee pick-me-up, try some hot chocolate - it sure works for me!
Maz x

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