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Friday, 12 October 2012

Respite and together too...

Hi Guys, we've been on a respite break together!

How great is that!
What a change the Direct Payment and new SDS (self directed support) care package has made.
This is the first time ever, we've been given the option to use some of our respite funding to take some time away together and it was brilliant fun!

Coo has not been abroad in almost fifteen years. Due to all the seizure activity, it was always just too expensive to insure him to travel so effectively, we've just had to stay at home...not this time though, the times they are a changing! lol

Picking a destination?

Well, somewhere definately in Europe as it's short flights! and it must be warm and sunny, with a nice pool and not too far from the beach would be good too!

We decided on Salou in Spain...

...and it was a good choice!
Lovely beaches, good hotel and glorious sunshine - what a bonus and what a great time we had!

Coo didn't have any more seizures than usual and so long as I was careful to keep him awake as much as possible during the day the levels were manageable. When we went out, I made sure we were back at the hotel each afternoon so Coo could sleep and I caught some sun with a wee cuppa sitting on the balcony - peaceful bliss each day!

I know it's not everyone's idea of a holiday, a bag full of meds, no alcohol, sleep periods through the daytime and early to bed but it was just what Coo and I needed most! A complete change of scene and some carefree time out!
We've both come back feeling a lot more relaxed and less stressed and so greatful for the SDS funding that enabled us both to recharge our batteries!

Back to the grind though! Flu jabs and the usual bloods were awaiting our return!

Don't be afraid of SDS if it comes your way!
It is now showing a significant improvement in quality of life for both of us so...if it's offered, reach out, grab it with both hands and make it work for you!

A sunny, smooth and very relaxed Maz x

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Welsh Poppy said...

I love the repite care you chose ....i hope we get this choice.