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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hi guys, Happy Halloween!

I remember my kids singing this wee Halloween song when they were little...

Halloween is coming!
  Halloween is coming,
     Skeletons will be after you!
   Witches hats and big back cats...
 Ghosts and goblins too-oo-oo!
Just where does the time go I wonder?
We're having a quiet time as Coo's still poorly,
I hope you're having a lovely time where you are though!
Happy halloween holidays!
Maz x 


Welsh Poppy said...

I know one minute they are wee little ones then there moved out and all grown up.
We had 4 lots of trick or treaters it was lovely to see especially the really wee ones.

Maz said...

Hi poppy,
Yes, it's lovely to share it with little ones again isn't it!

My wee grand-daughter is 9 months old and wore a wee spanish lady outfit. I guess things are moving full circle!

Maz x